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Bodyworker since 1971, Co-Creator of Rebalancing
Trainer and Author of 'Living in Balance' and 'Stretches for Rebalancers'

Satyarthi Peloquin

Has Trained in Bodywork

Dance Therapy with Anna Halprin 
Postural Integration
Structural Integration
Craniosacral Therapy
Visceral Manipulation
Joint mobilization
Ayurvedic Yoga Massage
Spinal Manipulation

Has Trained in Therapy

Co Dependency
Path of Love
Family Constellation
Somatic Experiencing


Trainer Satyarthi Peloquin

Satyarthi Peloquin

Satyarthi Dylan Peloquin has been a professional bodyworker for over 42 years.
Over the past 33 years, he has trained and taught over 3,000 people worldwide, many of whom are now full-time bodyworkers and / or teachers of various methods of bodywork.

Satyarthi’s career began as a professional dancer in San Francisco, during which time he put his body through rigorous training and intense physical work. Satyarthi found that only massage brought relief and release to his taut, aching muscles, and was so taken by this discovery, that he began to learn and practice massage therapy in 1970. By 1971, having trained in Postural Integration and giving sessions regularly, he realized that bodywork was his true calling and passion.

Over the next few years, he studied acupuncture, shiatsu, anatomy, and the healing arts. In 1976, Satyarthi arrived at the Osho Commune International in Pune, India, where he continued to work and study with numerous teachers of various bodywork methods, including Alexander Technique, Rolfing, Neo-Reichian Therapy, and a range of other cutting-edge therapy techniques.

During his stay at the commune, Satyarthi had the wonderful opportunity of giving bodywork sessions to the enlightened Indian mystic, Osho, who taught that the mind, body, and spirit are one organic unity. His work with Osho brought a new, multidimensional connection to Satyarthi’s work and teaching.

Satyarthi’s brought together all of his vast knowledge of human anatomy and the different healing schools, modalities, methods, and techniques he had studied and worked with, and went on to co-create a new system of bodywork that is now taught all around the world, called Rebalancing.

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Satyarthi is author of  2 books:
Living in Balance – Stretches for Rebalancers 

Satyarthi specializes in working with pain syndromes, and has worked in hospitals helping patients suffering from all types of physical pain. He has trained both physical therapists and hospital professionals in his individualized methods of working with and relieving chronic pain.

Today, as his passion grows and continues, and with recent scientific discoveries providing a deeper understanding of the body’s structure and functions, Satyarthi has created a new method of deep bodywork, called Myofascial Energetic Release (MER); a comprehensive method of working with both chronic and acute pain throughout the entire body. Focusing on the main cause of the pain – soft tissue spasms – Satyarthi both treats the physical symptoms, and educates his patients about their erroneous physical attitudes and behaviors, which both cause and aggravate their pain.

Satyarthi is currently finishing a comprehensive manual on working with myofascial pain. He is also completing a set of 6 instructional DVDs that teach his MER method of working with – and relieving – chronic pain.

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Satyarthi continues to travel around the globe, holding training workshops, facilitating the hugely-successful Co-Dependency and Path of Love workshops, and giving individual sessions. 


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