Lower Back Pain

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Training DVD Myofascial Release for Treatments of Lower Back Pain

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Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Myofascial Release Training DVD for pain relief in the lower back

DVD 2 – also to download

Lower back pain is, by far, the most common chronic pain reported by patients. Satyarthi believes that education is half the healing, which is why he explains, in detail, how you can teach your clients about the causes of their pain, and how to avoid them in future.

Here, Satyarthi demonstrates a comprehensive structure of strokes that move through the various layers of the lower back, to get to the center of the pain. He also shows how to stay on the pain points for longer periods of time, allowing the fibrotic tissue – which is the cause of the pain –  enough time to release.

He also demonstrates work on the quadratus lumborum and iliopsoas; core muscles that greatly contribute to lumbar and pelvic imbalances – both big factors in lower back pain.

Satyarthi also teaches:

  • Range-of-motion tests
  • Palpation tests
  • Fascia – looking at the big picture
  • Myofascial unwinding


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