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Training DVD with a detailed introduction to Myofascial Energetic Release by Satyarthi Peloquin

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Introduction to Myofascial Energetic Release

Myofascial Release Training DVD

DVD 1 – also to download

This is the first in the series of DVDs by Satyarthi Peloquin, “Myofascial Energetic Release – Live Pain Free”. In this DVD Satyarthi introduces the fundamental basics of Myofascial Energetic Release which teach the practitioner how to deal with different pain syndromes. It teaches a deep understanding of the cause of pain and the treatment of pain through sensitive deep and soft bodywork and myofascial unwinding.

In this introduction you will receive a comprehensive structure of strokes that move through different layers of the body to get to the cause, which is chronic contraction and fibrotic tissue. The teaching is easy and fun to learn creating opportunities for bodyworkers.

Introducing the following: 

  • Body mechanics
  • Tools of the trade
  • Rhythm, pressure, and depth of strokes
  • Optimum time of stroke
  • Speed of strokes
  • Quality of meditative touch
  • Working with pain syndromes
  • Soft tissue spasm – the cause of 95% of chronic pain
  • Diagnosing tissue contraction and pain points using palpation
  • Areas of caution
  • Client’s movements during treatment
  • Gathering information via patient self-reporting, pain points, movement, and mobility tests


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