MER Training V

Opening to Breath (Inspiration)

Myofascial Energetic Release V

Opening to Breath (Inspiration)


Opening the Breath takes you through the essential motions of breath in the rib cage, spine, shoulder, and neck  and how to enhance those motions for both the inhale and the exhale to achieve a full and easy breath which will only assist in getting other benefits you seek for your clients. This program concentrates on manual therapy, but has plenty of information energy and breath and movement and breath.

Each technique is clearly explained and demonstrated, with variations included, for your easy application in whatever practice approach you take. The techniques are also put together into a ‘session’, so that you can apply the techniques with an easy flow for best results.

  • Learning a in-depth evaluation of the breath, through bodyreading of the head and neck, ribcage, shoulders spine and pelvis
  • Deep bodywork and breath, working the muscles of breath, while the client breaths deeply and consistently. This unique approach of MER combines deep and soft bodywork with breath therapy.
  • Learn to work with your clients individual breath pattern structuring session to meet your clients needs.
  • By breathing in an open, relaxed way, your body begins to create an increased state of energy called Activation that helps to uncover, release and integrate physical, emotional and mental patterns in your client.
  • Adding Myofascial Unwinding together with breath therapy. This is a powerful combination supported by deep and sensitive touch.
  • The importance of Emotional Anatomy and emotional development.
  • The Trauma vs. Shock model for healing dissociation.

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