MER Training I

Back, Neck, Pelvis and Breath (Self-empowerment)

Myofascial Energetic Release I

Back, Neck, Pelvis and
Breath (Self-empowerment)


  • Focus on the neck, shoulder, back, breath and pelvis
  • Experience and learn the 8 point teaching for deep touch.
  • Learn how Fascial contraction is responsible for 95% of chronic pain.
  • Understand the importance of breath, releasing and balancing the breathing of your clients
  • Understand that the Pelvis is the center of balance and trust. 
  • Empower and educate clients through teaching myofascial unwinding a deep intrinsic movement education and trauma release
  • Evaluate clients using body-reading, self-reporting,  palpation techniques and resonance or intuition.
  • Refine your ability to touch deeply and work with your own body mechanics.
  • Develop a listening touch
  • Open the energy system through the body releasing energy blocks and supporting energy flow.


In this training you will learn a unique and valuable method of deep tissue bodywork to help people with back ,neck and pelvis pain? Through a series of structured, hands-on sessions you will learn how to systematically release and integrate the spine. You will learn the art and science of seeing holding patterns in the body and there relationship to the emotional holding patterns.  Using this information  to develop treatment (programs) to affect a ‘myofascial integration and  energy balancing.’

Students will learn the structural and functional anatomy of the back, neck and pelvis, and in turn develop the intuition and skills necessary to work with the underlying causes of pain in these areas – especially as they relate to a clients’ ability to physically and figuratively ‘stand up’ for themselves. 

Through a combination of daily meditations, theory, demonstrations and bodywork exchanges with consistent support from the staff, you will learn a holistic approach of myofascial release. This module introduces students to the major hinges of the spine Lumbar- Sacral, Diaphragm, Heart,Thoracic Inlet, Atlas- Occiput and Pelvic release and balance. Students learn the art and science of working on the back, neck and pelvis with deep bodywork, assisted stretches,  and joint mobilization. Four effective breath release techniques will be taught. 

In particular, students will learn  8 points of learning sensitive and effective deep bodywork , designed by trainer Satyarthi Peloquin to bring skill and intuition to your touch.

Students will learn about the musculature, psychology, and ‘myofascial unwinding’ as a method of phyco-physical release.

By the end of this module students will have learned a comprehensive series of strokes to help people experiencing neck, back and pelvis pain and will be able to give a full back, neck, shoulder, breath and pelvic session.

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